Musical Comb Business Cards

I swear, business cards are getting more and more creative by the hour. Check out this card for MODhair, a “rock n’ roll” hair salon in Rome. At first glance it looks like they simply used a customized comb as their business card – pretty creative, but nothing too fancy. But the really innovative part about this card is the fact that when you run your fingers across the teeth of the comb, it sounds the tune of a popular rock song! An awesome interactive promotion that really drives home the salon’s slogan: “Rock for your head.”

modhair-business-card-musical comb

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  1. John

    this has to be one of the cooler business cards I’ve seen. Great post!

  2. W. Scott Smith

    I wonder how much it cost to produce this? Can’t have been cheap. Unless that comb shape is standard and they just printed on the top.