Need A Job? Try Handing Out Custom Candy Bars.

custom candy bar

Photo courtesy: Nick Begley

When we heard the story about Nick Begley, a New York man who created custom candy bars to find a job, we almost recruited him ourselves. He obviously knows how to use promo products in a super-creative way.

Putting your credentials on personalized candy to set yourself apart? We dig it. Candy is a whole lot more compelling than a standard piece of paper, and it’s a great way to showcase your creative chops.

Well, as long as you’re seeking a job in a creative field. With Begley’s marketing background, promo candy was perfect. It was a tangible way to show how he was different from all the other candidates—and it worked. He got the job.

We’re thrilled to highlight this story—especially during “Promotional Products Work!” Week. Whatever you’re marketing, promo items get your message seen. They inspire action, and they accomplish objectives.

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Promo know-how tip:

Give custom candy in personalized tins or containers to keep your logo visible even after the treats are gone. Here are more ideas for using personalized candy.

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