Onion Swagology: Class of 3000 Lunchbox

class-of-3000-lunch box

From my favorite humorous news source:

Item: Lunchbox

Promoting: Class Of 3000

Relevance to product promoted: High. Nothing says “Andre Benjamin-engineered Cartoon Network show about a free-spirited elementary school” quite like a lunchbox bearing a goateed visage of Andre 3000 looking rakish and debonair.

Item quality: 5. This bright, colorful lunchbox comes with a canteen, a fake sandwich containing a DVD of the first episode of the second season, and even a note from mom reading “Your dad and I are both very proud of your 2nd season! Try to stay awake in class and don’t trade your sandwich! Love, Mom.” Awww!!!! It’s almost oppressively adorable.

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