Onion Swagology: Matroshka Army

millard-fillmore-army men

The Onion bestows kudos:

Item: A shirt box containing a smaller box wrapped in a map, containing a smaller box full of little green Army men, containing a third box, within which was a book wrapped in an American flag. In other words, a series of teasing puzzle boxes, Russian-nesting-doll style.

Promoting: George Pendle’s satirical “biography” The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: The Unbelievable Life Of A Forgotten President.

Relevance to product promoted: Spelled out in symbolism and the included explanatory sticky-notes. The box wrapped in a map of America represents Fillmore’s status as an American. The box full of little plastic green Army men represents his life as a soldier. And the box wrapped in the flag symbolizes his life as a patriot.

Item quality: 2 for physical quality預ll the elements are cheap and disposable傭ut 4 for homegrown ingenuity. It’s no free George Foreman grill, but it certainly got our attention as we burrowed through the boxes, which makes it one of the better homegrown self-promotion attempts The A.V. Club has fielded over the years. Up-and-coming authors, take note.

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