Onion Swagology: Say Chowder Egg

chowder egg

The Onion breaks it down for us:

Item: “1 Order Of Herby Eggz,” a.k.a. an egg in a fancy promotional fold-out cardboard box, with grow-it-yourself seedlings inside

Promoting: The Cartoon Network series Chowder.

Relevance to product promoted: Unclear. The promo episodes included with the egg don’t mention anything about little plants growing out of eggs, though they do feature a lot of other entertainingly surreal things.

Item quality: Hard to say, because we haven’t tried to grow a plant out of it yet. The elaborate painted-box container is adorable and appealing, the egg is perfect, and the whole idea is pretty neat. We want to give it a 5 just on innovation, presentation, and memorability, but we might someday be forced to drop it to a 4 if it breaks our hearts in the plant-growing department and turns out to be just a porcelain egg full of dirt.

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