Promo Gifts: Targeting Your Recipients

Everybody loves free stuff, but how do you choose who gets it? My girlfriend and I just joined the same gym and she got this drawstring backpack, and I didn’t. I actually don’t know why I was neglected, but perhaps she fit the profile of someone who was more likely to be a source of referrals. It also took her longer to join (she started by using all my guest passes), so maybe they felt it was more important to reinforce the feeling that she had made the right decision. Ultimately, their goal is not to make sure everyone has a drawstring backpack, but to promote their gym or make people feel better about joining, and if giving me a promo won’t achieve those goals, then there’s really no need to do it. Luckily, I have access to a pretty much unlimited supply of drawstring backpacks anyways. crunch backpack

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