Promo Products From Taylor Guitars: Great Brand Extension

We have to give a shout-out to Taylor Guitars. A click on its Father’s Day e-mail led us to an impressive collection of promo products.

The company, a leading manufacturer of premium acoustic and electric guitars, is doing a great job extending its brand. It offers everything from guitar stands and money clips to towels and tumblers in its Taylorware store. Taylor did a great job at offering a wide range of promotional merchandise, such as logo t-shirts, to imprinted coffee mugs.

promotional products

Why would people care to purchase all that stuff? Because they love more than Taylor guitars – they love the Taylor brand.

Guitar aficionados have come to recognize Taylor guitars as some of the best-sounding and easiest to play in the world. Maybe it’s their craftsmanship, aesthetics, or the fact that top musicians such as Dave Matthews and Zac Brown call Taylor their guitar of choice, but people can’t get enough Taylor.

By offering custom logo products, the company is allowing fans to experience its brand in new ways. It’s not just about strumming on an acoustic or rocking out with an electric. Fans can incorporate Taylor into other parts of their lives: sipping coffee, lounging at the pool, running errands on the weekend.

It’s all there for fans. And there are promo gifts at all different price points, too, from keychains to pullovers. Taylor’s promo items add dimension to its brand and make it about more than guitars.

Every brand should be as smart as Taylor. If you have a passionate, loyal fan base, let them show their love – offer them promo products with your logo.

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