Promotional Coffee Mugs: A Talk-Show Mainstay

Ellen has them. Conan has them. Promotional coffee mugs are just part of the territory when it comes to talk shows.

promotional coffee mug

On talk-show sets, promotional coffee mugs are placed on a coffee table or desktop right in front of the host. They’re frequently in the camera shot, keeping the show’s logo clearly visible. And when the show’s guests arrive, they sip from their own promotional coffee mugs. All eyes are on the guest, and inevitably, the logo mug.

That’s why we think promo coffee mugs are an example of promotional products at their best.

Promotional coffee mugs provide effortless visibility for the show—with every drink and every camera shot. The promotional coffee mug may he humble, but it gets seen.



Promo know-how tip: Spice up your logo coffee mug by adding custom goodies inside, such as coffee, tea or candy.

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