Promotional Magnets Case Study: My Fridge

Here’s a little case study about how two very different companies used promotional magnets to get on my fridge:

Antonio’s Pizzeria: When I called for delivery, they asked me if I had a magnet yet, I said no, so they sent one. They could throw one in with every pizza, but waste not, want not. The graphic design isn’t groundbreaking, but when there’s nothing to eat in my fridge, I have their number right there.

American Express: What’s the point of those fake credit cards they send in direct mail to get you to get a real credit card? Their only possible use is to pretend you have a credit card. Someone at Amex (or their ad agency) had the same question and came up with a better idea, a magnet that looks like an Amex card. It does everything a useless piece of plastic does, and you can use it to stick stuff on your fridge. The only thing that would be better is if they printed my actual credit card info on it so I wouldn’t have to go find my wallet while I’m on the phone with Antonio’s.

fridge magnets

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