Promotional Pens Get Around

One of the great things about promotional pens is that they get around. Most people only expect their pens to be seen by the first recipients they give them to, but this usually isn’t the case. Pens exchange hands often – about 5 times on average – throughout their lifetimes. This is great news for any company that uses custom pens as brand awareness or marketing tools. As the pen makes its way around the globe, exposure to your custom imprint doubles, triples, quadruples, and so on.

Here’s a great example from my trip to Friendly’s last night. When the waiter brought me my credit card receipt to sign, I noticed the pen he gave me was from a local bank! I can only imagine the strange path this pen took to get from the bank to the restaurant. The next time you’re using writing instruments in your campaign, remember that they might travel to unexpected places. Your imprint should include all of the information necessary to make an impact on people who are totally unfamiliar with your company – even if the pen starts off as a giveaway to those who are familiar with you.

friendlys-metro-bank-custom pen

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