Promotional USBs: Five Fast Facts

Custom USB flash drives make smart promotional giveaways, but how much do you really know about these pint-sized storage devices? Score some promo know-how with these five fast facts about promotional USBs.

  1. Custom USBs can store lots of data. They’re measured in bytes—similar to a gallon of gas or a cup of sugar. A single gigabyte (GB) is roughly a billion bytes, which equals about 200 songs, 500 e-books, 250 10-megapixel photos or one standard-definition, 90-minute video.
  2. Promotional USBs are versatile. You can use them to get any kind of document, photo or video directly into your customers’ hands. It’s a lot simpler than handing them a jumble of papers or a stack of CDs. Some pre-loaded custom USB drives are read-only, while others are configured with read-only and user-writable segments.
  3. Custom USBs are perfectly portable. They’re about the size of a cigarette lighter, and most weigh less than one ounce, so promotional USBs are easily transported in a bag or pocket. They also have no fragile moving parts, so they can be dropped, jostled or trampled without sustaining internal damage. Some custom USBs are virtually indestructible with a tough rubber or metal casing.
  4. Promotional USBs offer quick access to contents. The larger the flash drive, the faster it transfers files. Less time waiting means more productivity—and we all want that. The fastest USBs reach read and write speeds of about 34 and 28 megabytes per second, respectively. Actual speeds, though, vary depending on the user’s computer and how many promotional USB devices are simultaneously plugged in.
  5. Custom USBs are built to last. Most flash drives are engineered to last about 10,000 writes, but some are good for a whopping 100,000 writes. As for the number of reads, there’s virtually no limit, so a custom USB drive can keep your company name around for years.

Promo know-how tip: Anytime you need to distribute information to employees, customers or prospects, load it on a custom USB drive. It makes it easy for the recipients (they’re not bogged down with papers or catalogs), and it keeps your company name top of mind with each use.

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