Quality Counts

Raise your hand if you’re against quality. Probably no you didn’t raise your hand, but anyone in business now is also really concerned about cost. Andy Sernovitz thinks that United made a mistake by offering an amenities kit in a nylon drawstring bag, which was clearly not as nice as the case that Delta uses for their long haul flights. I would agree with Andy that the difference between the two cases was maybe a dollar, but I also think there is a legitimate question: once you’ve eliminated unnecessary costs by optimizing your business, where do you start cutting corners when you need to? delta-united-amenity kits

Is an airline better off pulling a dollar from their meal costs and having a nicer amenities kit because the kit may have a longer-term brand impact? Or maybe they know that most international business travelers throw these kits away, but really appreciate a good meal. No matter what business you are in, you’re probably making these tough choices right now, and these will be the decisions that determine whether your company offers a great value or an inferior experience. Choose wisely!

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