Rhinestones And Rhinestuds: What’s The Difference?

Rhinestones and rhinestuds differences

Bling-y promotional products are attention-getters, and one way to bring the bling is by embellishing with rhinestones or rhinestuds.

You’ve seen them everywhere: On t-shirts, tumblers, bags, iPhone cases, can coolers. Ordinary logos become instantly dazzling and eye-catching with the simple addition of those glitzy little gems.

But actually, they’re not gems at all.

Rhinestones are faceted transparent crystals or glass with a mirror backing, and rhinestuds are faceted metallic stones made to look like rhinestones. Oh, and don’t forget about nailheads, which are smooth, non-faceted rhinestuds.

If you want something to add a glam factor to your promotion, you definitely have options. But there are two main differences between the embellishments:


1. Appearance

Rhinestones are the most glittery of the options. Their transparency combined with a mirror backing creates a brilliant, shimmering display. Rhinestuds sparkle too, thanks to a metallic finish. However, their shine isn’t as brilliant as rhinestones since they don’t reflect light. If you don’t want the sparkle, but just a little something extra for your promotional items, nailheads are the way to go. They’re flat on top and lack all the facets of rhinestones and rhinestuds.


2. Cost

Rhinestuds and nailheads are much more cost-effective because they’re made from stone instead of glass. And if you opt for rhinestones, keep in mind that crystal rhinestones will cost more than glass rhinestones. This is because the lead in the crystal enhances the sparkle of the crystal and helps reflect colors better than pure glass.


These embellishments have their differences, but they all provide the same great end result: a trendy, attractive way to promote your brand.


Promo know-how tip:

Not everyone in your target audience has to receive the same promotional items. Segment your audience so women receive the glittery giveaways, and guys and kiddos receive something more appealing to them. Let our Promotions Specialists help you find the perfect promotional products.

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