Scarves and Search Engine Marketing

What do scarves have to do with search engine optimization? The quick answer is: nothing, really. I was reading a post about a recent search engine conference in Chicago that mentions: “Luckily, one of the companies on the expo floor handed out scarves.” The post uses the frigid weather and the unpreparedness of many of the visiting attendees as a metaphor about SEO, but I was more interested in the fact that the freezing folks who could use a scarf must have really appreciated it. And what does that have to do with anything? Find out after the jump. scarves

The promotional moral of this story is that if you’re going to a pizza-making convention, you don’t have to choose the pizza stress ball. The product you choose should be relevant and useful, but if you’re creative, that doesn’t have to limit you to a specific theme or type of product. Scarves and mittens are perfect for the Midwest winter, especially at a trade show where attendees may be coming from warmer climates. They don’t relate to search engine marketing, but a tagline about forecasting, being prepared, or looking out for you turns it into a marketing piece that conveys the company’s value proposition.Start with an open mind and be creative and you’ll find lots of ways to use promos to get your message across. A great promotion doesn’t have to be related to your specific industry or an office item because you’re a B2B company. Promotional apparel giveaways are part of a greater experience, whether you’re at an event, or it’s part of a direct mail piece. How you leverage the unique aspects of the item within the greater context is what makes the item, and the promotion really stand out.

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