Seven Ideas For Using Custom Balloons

You know it’s a party when you see custom balloons. Few things promise fun and good times like seeing those colorful orbs bobbing through the air.

custom balloonsBut they’re not just a mainstay of children’s events – balloons are spectacular marketing tools. They draw immediate attention to your brand, and they make a visible, bright statement about your company.

The best part? Promotional balloons are affordable to almost every business. You can get them customized for as little as 13 cents a pop. It’s a small cost to add a big impact to your marketing.

Here are seven ideas for using promotional balloons to pump up the fun of your brand:

1. Tradeshows

They add a pop of cheeriness to your booth and they make your company easy to spot on the tradeshow floor. Every exhibitor wants a high-visibility booth, and custom balloons are the way to do it.

2. Balloon drops

You’ve seen balloon drops on New Year’s Eve, but just about any noteworthy occasion is a great time to shower the crowd with custom balloons. Just think: Your logo can be a cascading waterfall of colorful balloons raining down on people.

3. Fundraising events

Hand out imprinted balloons to donors or tie them on the backs of chairs. Make the event interactive (and loads more fun!) by encouraging some balloon-popping. Perhaps once a certain donation amount is achieved, everyone gets to pop a balloon.

4. Parades

Use promotional balloons on the floats, along the parade route, or hand them out to everyone in the crowd. They add an extra wow factor to the event, and they associate your brand with all the excitement.

5. Invitations

Forgo the traditional party invite – send custom balloons instead. You can get them printed with all the party details such as location, time and date. Ask guests to bring their invitations to the event, and tadah, you have instant decorations.

6. Grand openings

You want foot traffic at your new shop? Grab attention and let people know you’re there with festive, colorful balloons. They create a joyful atmosphere and make people want to be a part of whatever fun stuff you have going on.

 7. Open houses

Real estate agents and home sellers: If you want to draw potential buyers to a house, invite them over with imprinted balloons. Position them in high-traffic areas, and then create a balloon path leading to the house that’s on the market.

Custom balloons are festive and fun, and they’re a great way to build brand awareness on a budget. With any of your marketing activities, the goal is to get your name out there and help customers and prospects remember you. Your company name will most definitely get talked about when it’s printed on colorful, captivating balloons.

Promo know-how tip:

Decide whether your custom imprinted balloons will be positioned indoors or outdoors – it impacts the material you should ultimately choose. Let our Brand Consultants fill you in on all you need to know about promoting with balloons.

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