Sioux Falls Promotional Calendars

Over the last 2 years, the cash-strapped city of Sioux Falls spent $37,583.06 on promotional calendars. Is the return on this investment worth the price – or are taxpayers justified in their opposition to promotional spending?

Until you consider the potential value of the city’s promotional calendar, Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson seems deserving of some criticism. But think about it this way: the custom calendar gives the city a valuable way of promoting and reducing the cost of events, meetings, and celebrations that taxpayer dollars are already paying for.

Increasing awareness about any event typically boosts turnout and attendance. When more people attend, the per capita cost of the event actually goes DOWN. In the end, the city creates more effective events that cost less, simply by using an effective promotional tool that citizens look at every single day.

If the city wanted to see exactly how much value they were getting out of their calendars, they could compare their pre-calendar attendance records with turnout after the promotional items were distributed. This would give Mayor Munson some hard numbers to back up his ROI claims.

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