Six Things To Do After SES New York

SES New York

Another SES Conference & Expo is almost in the books. After four days of keynotes and cocktails, you likely have some big plans for digital marketing awesomeness.

Don’t let those big plans fall to the wayside like a pile of conference name tags. Here are six things to do after SES to maximize all your newfound inspiration and ideas.

1. Create a summary of SES New York.

Don’t dive into the expense report and unread e-mails right away. Instead, pull together a report of your SES experience. Colleagues and partners can benefit from your newfound knowledge.

2. Start an action-item list.

Inspired by a campaign or idea? Put it into play by creating an action list. The worst thing you can do is let all that great knowledge get forgotten.

3. Book a brainstorming sesh.

Get your team together as soon as you can (as in Monday) to review lessons learned at SES. The material is fresh in your mind, so talk about it while it’s hot.

4. Fire up new friendships.

You know those cool new peeps you met at SES? Give them a call or reach out via e-mail and social media to see how they’re doing. It may lead to some exciting opportunities.

5. Connect with keynotes.

Love what a particular speaker had to say at SES NYC? Say so by sending a tweet or e-mail. It’s a way to set yourself apart from other attendees and thank them for contributing to a great event.

6. Blog about SES.

Your marketing blog is a great place to re-hash lessons learned from SES and also share about your experience. Get writing though—the sooner you post, the fresher and more relevant the content will be for those who attended.

If SES was a tremendously busy and beneficial event for you, use what you learned to dominate your market. Don’t let that knowledge sit in a notebook.

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