Six Ways Promotional Bags Can Give Your Brand A Boost

promotional bags

Promotional bags can be used creatively for any business.

Promotional bags are just the thing to kick up your marketing. Your customers love getting bags because they’re useful, and companies love giving out bags because they get their message seen.

Plus, any company or organization can use them. Really.

We’ve seen businesses from restaurants and tanning salons to kids’ theaters and funeral parlors use promotional bags. They’re that versatile.

If you’re wondering how promotional bags can work for your business, we have six creative ideas:

  1. Offer bags as a gift with purchase.
    People love getting a free bag when they buy something—whether it was a planned purchase or not. There’s just something about promotional bags that make people whip out their wallets. Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret know exactly how to use promotional bags as a gift with purchase. They selected audience-appropriate bags, and then enticed customers to spend certain dollar amounts in order to get one. You can do this, too.
  2. Give bags away at a special event.
    When you host an event—anything from a grand opening to a golf tournament to a company picnic—a promotional bag makes the perfect commemorative item. Swag bags let you advertise the event and get useful information or products into your customers’ or employees’ hands.
  3. Sell bags in your business.
    Your business may have flocks of adoring fans, so why not sell them promotional bags? It lets them show the world their affinity for your brand, and it nets you some extra cash. While you’re at it, offer them other custom fan gear such as t-shirts, caps and mugs. It’s an instant way to turn your customers into brand ambassadors.
  4. Send your customers home with a bag.
    If your customers are buying something from you, chances are you’re handing over a bag with their purchase. By using logo bags instead, you’re giving that bag a promotional purpose. You were going to give your customers a bag anyway, so add your logo and turn it into a marketing piece.
  5. Give bags as a sponsorship item.
    Promotional bags make a big statement when crowds of people are carrying them. Whether you’re sponsoring a conference, athletic team or community event, promotional bags let you creatively get your name out there and get your logo into the hands of the masses.
  6. Use bags at tradeshows.
    Become a must-visit booth by offering great promotional bags. Attendees receive a lot of stuff at tradeshows: promotional giveaways, printed materials, business cards. A promotional bag is a life saver, allowing them to easily stash their materials. It’s smart marketing for you—everyone at the show sees your company name. Be sure to print your booth number on the bag so attendees know where to find you.

If your marketing has gotten a little stale, spice it up with promotional bags. They’re functional, stylish and something your customers can truly use.

Promo know-how tip: Always consider your target audience, whether your promotional bags will be given away or sold to your customers. Our promotions specialists are available to discuss the finer points of your promotion and ensure you select a bag that’s just right.

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