SPCA Direct Mail: Promotional Gloves

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) are masters of direct mail marketing. The latest piece I received from them shows that they really understand what it takes to get people to actually open a mailing and pay attention to their message!

First of all, it’s clear that the SPCA understands that a boring white envelope from a non-profit group is an easy thing to ignore. Heck, even an interesting envelope with a picture of an adorable puppy stands a good chance of being ignored! That’s why the organization puts a call-to-action right on the envelope face where it’s hard to miss. Note the emotionally charged copy that encourages people to open the package and read more.

Once the envelope is open, the recipient finds the reason behind the package’s interesting bulkiness. A pair of promotional winter gloves imprinted with the SPCA logo and web site URL are tucked inside, and at this point whoever is opening the package is hooked by the piece.

Also inside the mailing is some literature about neglected animals being left in the cold (note how the winter apparel gift relates to this theme). People are then solicited for a donation, and the promotion has completed its objective.

It’s no secret that sending promotional apparel with your direct mail packages is a great way to not only ensure that they’re opened, but to increase the odds of getting a positive response. In the case of groups asking for donations, people are more likely to contribute after receiving a free gift, even something as simple as winter gloves.

spca-direct-mail-promotional gloves.jpg

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