Survey Says: Small Perks Boost Employee Morale

A recent employee morale survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation found that small perks – even something as simple as a fresh pot of gourmet coffee in the office – could drastically boost employee morale. In fact, the survey found that 37 percent of employees prefer free daily gourmet coffee or tea over the company’s annual holiday party!

You don’t necessarily have to think “bonuses” and “pay raises” when looking for ways to increase morale. There are plenty of little things you can do to improve quality of life in your office without spending a fortune! The most successful perks are the ones which save employees money, increase productivity, and are in high demand – like free coffee.

Other examples of office perks might be free promotional hand sanitizer, custom stress relievers, or food and drink gifts.

coffee-employee-perks-rewards incentives

Another great option is to give out employee awards to encourage your team to recognize those who are going above and beyond at your company.

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