The Fortune Cookie Takes A Self-Promo Slant

Cracking into a fortune cookie is an exciting end to the meal at many Chinese restaurants. Reading your fortune (“You will find a bushel of money.”) and those in your group (“Emotions can be sweet and sour, just like your meal.”) is fun. You never know what kind of nebulous forecast or stunning wisdom you’ll find.

fortune cookie

That’s what makes the fortune cookie perfect for a self-promotion campaign. Recipients are naturally curious about the message inside.

fortune cookies

Alessio Maria Centritto, a Sydney, Australia-based advertising professional, turned to fortune cookies when he was new to the country and seeking work. He whipped up a batch of fortune cookies, printed a link to his portfolio as the fortune, and tucked them in Chinese takeout containers. A red ribbon complete with a Chinese coin and the message “This is your lucky day” finished off the package.

Then he mailed them to a targeted list of executive creative directors at some of Sydney’s major ad agencies. For a man looking for work in a creative profession, he nailed it with this self promotion. It’s clever, inventive and a great way to showcase his creative chops. We love it.

As they say, “Fortune favors the bold.” We couldn’t agree more.

Promo know-how tip: Set yourself apart from the competition by creatively engaging your audience with promotional products. If fortune cookies aren’t your thing, we have over 15,000 promotional items to kick up your self-promo.

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