The Versatility of Promotional Bags

ver·sa·tile: adjective: 1. Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions, uses, or activities: “a versatile bag”

When it comes to multi-function, multi-purpose promotional products, there’s nothing better than custom bags! Versatility is the main reason behind the overwhelming popularity and success of these items as marketing tools. No matter who your audience is, there’s a bag out there that suits their lifestyle and fills a need for them. Let’s take a closer look at three of the most popular promotional bag styles: tote bags, messenger bags, and duffel bags.

Custom tote bags. One of the most popular bag styles, tote bags have become something of a fashion trend in recent years. People are starting to see tote bags as a reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags, and are taking them wherever they go: grocery stores, libraries, retail shops – you name it! The mainstream appeal make totes a great choice for promotional campaigns, since whatever you decide to imprint on them is going to be seen by a lot of people in the public spaces where these bags are used.

Promotional messenger bags. Messenger bags are a great choice for corporate workers, commuters, and college students. These fashionable bags make it easy to travel with a laptop, and provide plenty of convenient storage space to keep documents, pens, and electronics neatly organized. Most messenger bags have a higher-end, more professional look, so they’re great gifts for employees or anyone who works in an office. Like all bags, messenger bags have a big imprint area for your logo or marketing message, so brand exposure is a guarantee.

Logo duffel bags. Duffel bags are rugged, multi-purpose bags that are ideal for travel, but also useful in gyms and fitness centers. These spacious bags have a ton of room, and usually include external compartments for even more storage space. Overall, duffel bags are a great choice for employees or clients that are on the road often, as well as student athletes, gym lovers, and anyone else with an active lifestyle. Models range from simplistic with an emphasis on value and affordability to high-end corporate gifts from well-known brand names.

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