Three Reasons To Use Custom Bags To Promote Your Company

custom bag

Everybody schleps stuff, whether it’s groceries, a laptop or sports equipment, and they use bags to shuttle it all around.  That’s why promotional bags make great giveaways: your customers need them. Custom bags don’t get shoved in a closet and forgotten; they get used.

In fact, the usefulness of a promotional bag is a top reason recipients keep it. Ninety-one percent hang on to a custom bag because it’s useful. It’s always handy to have a bag around for hauling gear or transporting paperwork.

Attractiveness also matters when it comes to logo bags. Thirty-four percent of recipients keep a custom bag because it looks good. Promotional bags such as backpacks and tote bags are often an extension of your customers’ personal style. If your promotional bag has some panache, your customers will happily use it.

Here are three reasons why custom bags need to be part of your marketing strategy.

1. Custom bags generate business.
Your customers genuinely appreciate receiving custom bags. As a result, 53% will have a more favorable view of your company, and 68% will end up doing business with you. Promotional bags get your name out there and keep business flowing.

2. Your logo is remembered on custom bags.
Give your customers a promotional bag, and 90% will be able to identify you, the advertiser. They remember who gave them the custom bag, which means your company name is engrained in their minds. Whether you sell gym memberships or insurance, your customers will think of you first.

3. Custom bags are cost-effective.
Promotional bags get an average of 8,927 impressions. The average custom bag costs $15, so the cost per impression is about $0.002. Promotional bags are a great way to market your business on the cheap.

Custom bags are super handy for your customers, and they’re also a topnotch way to promote your company. See the custom bags other companies are using by checking out our promotional bag bestsellers.

Promo know-how tip: A stocked promotional bag is better than an empty one. Consider the size of your custom bag, and an extra logo item such as a custom beach towel or promotional water bottle.

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