Three Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Candy

Thinking about giving out custom candy? People love the sweet stuff. So much, in fact, that Americans are eating about 100 pounds of sugar a year apiece, according to Business Insider.

In 1822, it took people five days to consume the amount of sugar found in one of today’s 12-ounce sodas. Now, people consume that much every seven hours.

Sugary treats and eats are a way of life. Your customers crave something sweet like they crave their morning coffee. Custom candy lets you satisfy their craving while getting your business some great exposure.

Here are three things that might surprise you about custom candy:

1. It’s not just chocolate and mints.

It’s a Willy Wonka world when marketing with promotional candy. You can add your logo to a candy store of treats: gourmet jelly beans, cotton candy, gumballs, gummy bears, conversation hearts, candy corn, lollipops, licorice, sugar-free candies and more.

2. Candy colors are customizable.

You aren’t limited to stock shades—you can get candy in your corporate colors. Think about how slick it would look to hand out corporate-colored candies at a tradeshow, conference, golf tournament, or corporate event.

3. You can customize the container and the candy.

The candy wrapper isn’t the only place to spotlight your logo—you can also customize the candy itself. Before that piece of chocolate gets savored or that gumball gets popped, your customers get a good look at your custom logo.

Here’s Jake to show you more about custom candy:

Promo know-how tip:

Use custom candy to set the tone for your next event. Foil-wrapped chocolates exude elegance, while cotton candy or lollipops are pure fun.


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