Three Tips For Outstanding Custom Business Cards

Handing over custom business cards to people you meet is a way to advertise what you do or what you offer. It keeps your information in front of recipients so they always know how to contact you. Including personalized business cards in your marketing efforts ensures you won’t miss out on an opportunity—you never know when a networking occasion will spring up.

Here are three tips for a top-notch business card:

1.      Make your custom business cards magnetic.

When you distribute promotional business card magnets, you’re upping the chances of your name and logo staying constantly visible. Recipients can stick it on a fridge, filing cabinet or locker. They’ll be reminded of your business every time they pass by or grab something inside.

 2.      Add a QR code to your personalized business cards.

You know those two-dimensional designs that look like bar codes? They’re a great addition to business cards because they add depth to your cards without forfeiting style and design. Recipients can scan with their smartphones to be brought to your website, a presentation, a video—you name it.

 3.      Include the basics on your logo business cards.

Their purpose is to provide information about you to recipients, so always make sure your cards include these four things: your name, your company name, how to reach you, and what your company does. People like to connect in different ways, so always provide multiple points of contact: phone, e-mail and Twitter, for example.

When was the last time you refreshed your custom business cards? They’re a simple, but essential part of any marketing strategy. They keep your company name right at people’s fingertips, so make sure your business cards are memorable.

Here’s a fresh idea for personalized business cards:

Promo know-how tip:

Draw more attention to your logo business cards by taking a creative approach. Use the back of the card for a tip calculator or calendar. Or, turn your business card into a magnetic puzzle. Make it stand out, and recipients will remember it.  

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