Three Ways To Use Personalized Candy

personalized candy

It’s Halloween, the holiday dominated by pumpkins, scarecrows and copious amounts of candy. (And by “copious,” we mean 600 million pounds—that’s how much sweet stuff Americans buy each Halloween, according to NielsenWire.) Have you ever promoted your business with personalized candy? It’s a smart move—any time of year.

Logo candy is a brilliant marketing tool because, quite simply, it makes people happy. Candy has the most significant impact on serotonin levels, according to Columbia University, which means that when people enjoy your custom candy, they feel a surge of happiness that can last for hours.

A happy customer is the best kind of customer, so try these three ways to use personalized candy:

1. Spice up your tradeshow booth with custom candy.

Likely every exhibitor will be giving away promotional products of some kind, but not everyone will be doling out candy. Set yourself apart by being the booth where attendees can get their fix for something sweet—whether you’re offering pouches of chocolate-covered almonds or colorful gummy bears.

2. Use personalized candy as a sweet send-off at events.

From conferences to company picnics, if you’re sponsoring or hosting an event, provide something sweet to cap off the day. It shows you’ve thought of every aspect of the experience, right down to the conclusion of the event.

3. Place logo candy in high-traffic areas at your business.

From waiting rooms to reception areas, if your customers frequently pass by or stop at a spot at your company, liven up the space with candy. Whether they’re coming or going, customers will notice your logo when it’s imprinted on custom candy. Boost your impact by placing the sweets in promotional candy dishes or jars.

Don’t you love it when marketing is simple and sweet? When personalized candy is thoughtfully distributed to your audience, it’s a great way to bring a smile and keep your name top of mind.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional candy can be customized in more than one way. Imprint your logo and message on the packaging or wrapper, or customize the candy itself. Our Promotions Specialists can offer tips for a top-notch candy promotion.  

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