Tips To Get Your Brand Noticed With Promotional Products

promo productsYour brand deserves all the attention it can get. That’s why promotional products are a marketing must—they’re tangible reminders of your business. One glance at a promotional item, and your brand pops right back into your audience’s mind.

Here are some tips when using promotional products to make your brand stand out.

Make them interesting.

What stands out more: a pen or a flying, shrieking promotional monkey? If your goal is to grab attention, opt for promotional products that do exactly that: capture attention. Choose items that are fascinating, quirky or different.

Tailor them to your audience.

Put some thought into the promotional items you hand out. Use them to make people feel like individuals, and to show them that you care about their interests. Don’t give out promo items just to give them out—tailor them specifically to who you want to reach.

Use them to tout your brand’s uniqueness.

What do you offer that’s different from competing brands? Use promotional products to emphasize why your brand is the “it” brand. Include your tagline or messaging on your giveaways to remind your audience.

Engage your audience with them.

Think of promotional products as conversation starters. Don’t just leave them at your tradeshow booth for attendees to grab as they’re walking by. Don’t just mail your customers a freebie and never follow up. Strike up a dialogue. When you communicate with your audience, it gets them excited about your brand. They can see there’s someone behind the company name.

If you want an audience that’s invested in your brand, they have to know about your brand. Promotional products are part of the process. They keep your logo visible and your brand top of mind.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional products in bright, vibrant colors are immediate attention-getters. Colorful imprints have a similar effect. Work with our Brand Consultants for ways to set your brand apart with promo items.

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