Top 10 Promotional Products For Disaster Preparedness

top promo products for disaster preparedness

In the event of a disaster, most Americans are completely unprepared. The National Center for Disaster Preparedness polled people last year and found that more than half of respondents have no emergency plan in place. They also lack essential items to survive a disaster.

The survey also reveals that Americans are over-confident about rescue teams. One-third of respondents believe that help would be on the way within the hour, 30 percent think help would arrive in a few hours, and 19 percent believe it could take more than a day.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

Emergency responders are quickly overwhelmed in a major disaster, and people are left to fend for themselves for days before help arrives.

Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, told Homeland Security News Wire that people’s confidence in emergency response is unrealistic.

“Many people believe that within an hour or two, you will have someone knocking on your door,” Redlener said in the article. “There has been a strange delusion that, even after all we have been through, the rescue response will occur rather rapidly.

“Preparing can actually make a difference,” he concluded.

Make sure your customers aren’t left stranded when a disaster strikes by giving them promotional items that can carry them through the calamity.

Here’s a look at the top 10 promotional products for disaster preparedness.

1. Promotional emergency radio. This logo survival item is designed with a built-in hand crank charger, so no batteries are needed. It also includes a compass, flashlight and siren.promotional emergency radio

2. Promotional emergency preparedness guide. This 36-page guide is packed with tips on how to prepare for all types of disasters. Add your logo and show your customers you care about their well-being.

promotional emergency preparedness guide

3. Emergency custom flashlight. Your customers can survey the scene with this heavy-duty flashlight. It’s even equipped with red flashing LED lights to attract attention in a crisis.

emergency custom flashlight

4. Promotional survival kit. This go-to kit is loaded with everything your customers need in an emergency, including a flashlight, multi-function knife, bandages, protective gloves, an emergency whistle and more.

promotional survival kit

5. Basecamp Fire Starter 11-in-1 Custom Tool. Safety always come first in anything, this Basecamp Fire Starter 11-In-1 Custom Multi Tool is a great tool to have in your bag everywhere you go. This tool comes with 11 useful items that you can use during emergency situations. Handy enough to store in your bag or car compartment.

6. Promotional thermos. After a disaster, it’s critical to have access to safe water. This Bubba Keg® can hold up to three gallons of water, making it the perfect gift for emergency readiness.

promotional thermos

7. Full Color Qi Wireless 2-Port Custom Charging Pad w/ Solar Panel. A Full Color Qi Wireless 2-Port Custom Charging Pad w/ Solar Panel gets you through any day without worrying about a dead battery. It comes with a solar panel for charging whenever a power outlet is not available. Charge almost any phone with or without the charging cable.  Get your label imprinted in full color today!

8. Promotional bottled water. The American Red Cross reports that access to clean drinking water is the #1 challenge in disaster zones. Provide relief with these half-liter, custom-labeled bottles.

promotional bottled water

9. Custom votive candle. When there’s no power, this logo candle can shed some light in a room. It’s made from soy, so it has a lower melt point and keeps your logo around longer.

custom votive candle

10. Basecamp Epod 20-Piece Custom Emergency Kit. If your customers are stranded, this logo kit can get them through. Your logo is a bold imprint on the zippered carrying case, which is stocked with survival items such as a flashlight, compass and flint case.

Promo know-how tip: Use promotional products to help your customers prepare for a natural disaster or crisis situation, or use them as part of relief efforts. Some well-chosen promotional items can go a long way toward establishing goodwill and helping your customers when they need it the most.

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