Turn Sales into Child’s Play (and Vice Versa)

I could tell you how many billions of dollars in spending are influenced by children each year, or remind you that promotional products are advertising and we measure advertising by how many times it is seen, or claim that promotional products can be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available. Instead, though, I’m going to post some pictures of Sammy with a Cingular promotional balloon and ask her parents a couple questions. Here’s what Steve and Dolly have to say:

Q: How long have you had this balloon in your house?

A: Three weeks.

Q: How often to you play with the balloon?

A: A lot. We like to bash it around.

Q: Who is your cell phone provider?

A: Cingular.

Q: Why do you think they give out the balloons?

A: The good thing about them is that if the kid is crying when you’re in the Cingular store, the salesperson can give them the balloon so he can keep talking to you.

cingular balloon

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