Use Custom Wine Bottles To Open New Career Paths

You may have had a swig of wine to loosen up before a job interview, but what about sending the vino to your interviewer? Custom wine bottles, it turns out, can be just the thing to set yourself apart in a competitive job market.

We applaud Ben Egnal’s creative self-promotion using custom logo wine. The Canadian art director, hungry for his next gig, sent custom-designed bottles of wine to creative directors in lieu of a traditional resume.

custom wine

Egnal showcased his credentials on the back, and was even thoughtful enough to include a self-portrait on the front of the label.

The wine, “a polished mellow wine with a warm body and a cheesy finish,” sounds intriguing. It also hints at Egnal’s good humor, which is a great trait to have in the creative world.

With a self-promotion using custom wine bottles, there’s no doubt Egnal has a promising future ahead of him. It’s different than what everybody else is doing, and it’s a gesture that his target audience (creative directors) will remember.

Promo know-how tip:

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