Using Promotional Products To Encourage Dealers

When most people think of promotional products, they think trade show giveaways, business gifts, and employee incentives. While these are certainly tried-and-true uses, I’m always happy to see creative applications that demonstrate just how versatile promo items can be.

Take a look at this campaign from Caremail, a company that manufactures eco-friendly packaging products. In order to incentivize dealers in their distribution network, Caremail created a rebate offer for a free 30 oz. Nalgene® water bottle for any retail customers that order $30 worth of Caremail products from dealers.

This campaign is a win-win-win situation for Caremail, official resellers, and customers. Customers are obviously happy to receive a brand-name custom water bottle for free, while Caremail and it’s dealers benefit from the increase in sales that result.

promotional water bottle

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