Vitamins Thinks Outside The Box: Interactive Phone Manual

Although the population is getting better at learning new technology, there are still older segments that run into trouble when they try to apply analogue modes of learning to the digital experience.

Smart phones are a common offender when it comes to products with frustrating learning curves for inexperienced consumers. Samsung was well-aware of the issue, and hired Vitamins, a London-based design and invention studio to tackle the problem.

What Vitamins came up with is a simple, elegant, creative manual that walks users through the setup and use of their phones, step-by-step. To do this they created a custom book with cutouts for the phone and its accessories. On each page, clear and accessible instructions are paired with pointers that make learning easy and mistakes impossible.

Here’s how Vitamins describes their awesome “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” invention:

“Each page reveals the elements of the phone in the right order, helping the user to set up the sim card, the battery, and even slide the case onto the phone. The second book is the main manual – the phone actually slots into this and becomes the center of attention. Arrows point to the exact locations the user shoukld press, avoiding confusion and eliminating the feeling of being lost in a menu. The book is used to streamline the setup and learning process.”

Click the video below to watch the interactive manual in action:

Out of the box – book from Vitamins on Vimeo.

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