What You Need To Know About Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards: You get them at concerts and conferences, and you may carry one with your ID or badge at work (in fact, that’s the #1 use). When you add your logo to lanyards, you have a brilliant marketing tool – your brand and message get viewed multiple times a day. Plus, lanyards are inherently useful to people. They make it simple to carry essential items and keep them always at hand, whether it’s keys, an ID or even a phone.

There’s more to custom lanyards than you might think – from materials and imprint options to attachments. Check out ePromos’ latest Slideshare to learn everything you’d want to know about adding your logo to lanyards. For more insight on custom lanyards, watch an interview with ePromos’ CEO, Jason Robbins, and Brandon Mackay, President & CEO of SnugZ/USA.

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