Ancient Product Branding

This is perhaps the most retro of all retro promos, the ancient Roman baking mold imprinted with the name of the baker and some gladiators. Below is a a “squeeze” of the inscription, created by rubbing wet paper into the inscription and letting it dry. It can then be removed and will maintain a relief of the original image. In this case, bread was served to spectators as snack during gladiatorial games, and the inscription reads: “Miscenius Ampilatus makes [this] in Salonae.” Upon his death, his sons took over the bakery and changed the tagline to “Just like Micensius Ampilatus used to make it.” By the 2nd century AD, cultural norms had again shifted, prompting a second rebranding with the motto “Bread so good…it’s Ampilicious!” (via Discover Magazine)

ancient-product branding

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