Promotional Paper Dresses

The sixties were a time of great social upheaval. Kids were turning on, tuning in, dropping out and wearing paper dresses. According to my sources, paper clothing was seen as futuristic, and started as a mail-in promotion:

The fad can be traced back to 1966 when manufacturing company Scott Paper Company used the paper dress to promote their toilet paper and paper tissues. In exchange of $1.25, happy housewives would be mailed a paisley or op-art ‘Paper Caper’ dress and some coupons to buy napkins and toilet rolls. Demand exceeded the 500,000 garments produced and other manufacturers soon followed with designs to promote their own goods.

To the right is a promotional paper dress created for Universal Studios.

paper-dress universal

If you’re in Europe, you can revisit this golden era of promotional clothing at the RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion exhibit, currently in Luxembourg, but headed to Belgium and London. Below are a couple Warhol-style paper dresses, including one that was actually used as a promotional product by Campbell’s Soup Company.

paper dresses

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