Retro Promos: What Kozmo Did Right

Kozmo failed as a business. In fact, it’s one of the iconic failures of the dot-com era. So why feature a vintage Kozmo branded bag on a promotional products blog? Because the promotional products they used didn’t fail. Promotional products can’t make a bad business model work, but they can raise a tremendous amount of brand awareness despite the fact that their business model doesn’t work. If they didn’t, Kozmo wouldn’t be featured in the wikipedia entry for dot-com and sites like Ghost Sites wouldn’t do features about unearthing “amazing Kozmo artifacts.” And people wouldn’t have bought Kozmo messenger bags for hundreds of dollars on ebay. While promotional products are sometimes associated with the dot-coms and their failure, I think a lot of people don’t realize that they were one of the few things the dot-coms did right, right?


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