EXCLUSIVE: Snifty® Scented Promotional Pens Are Here!

In a market packed with competition, your business needs to do everything it can to stand apart from the crowd. Promotional products already help to achieve this by engaging people’s senses with a tangible product. Now, you can give your promotions an even bigger boost by engaging another sense – smell!

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Scents have an uncanny ability to trigger memories because they are the only sense that directly connects to the part of the brain that stores emotional memories.” What if your business could combine the impact of a tangible product with the emotional power of scent?

The good news is you can! Using scented promotional products is a powerful and unique way to improve brand recognition and recall. This strategy works even better if your business or tagline can be tied to a relevant scent (eg: a donut-scented pen for a bakery, a coffee scented pen for a company promising a ‘boost’ in sales, or a watermelon scent for a summer promotion.)

Your company can start taking advantage of scented promos right away with customized Snifty pens, a wildly popular retail brand that until now was not available for business use! Snifty pens come in 9 delicious scents including watermelon, fruit punch, caramel, chocolate chip, strawberry, and more. These aromatic advertising tools are made with eco-friendly materials, and their intoxicating smells can last for more than a year. Best of all, at prices as low as $0.75 each, they won’t break your budget. Grab some today and smell em for yourself!

And remember, these pens are exclusively distributed by ePromos, so don’t go looking anywhere else!

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