Four Things To Know About Promotional Pens

custom penPromotional pens: Everybody uses them. When you give your customers a promotional pen, studies show they use it 18.2 times per month. And they don’t keep it for themselves, either—promotional pens have an average of 10 owners per lifetime. Custom pens continue to move, getting your logo and company name constant exposure.

Here are four things to know when selecting a promotional pen for your business.

  1. Ink types vary. Custom ballpoint pens use the most common type of ink system: a viscous ink that’s dispelled at the tip. Custom rollerball pens use less-viscous ink, so the ink saturates more deeply and widely on paper. Custom gel pens use a high-viscosity ink in which pigment is suspended in the gel, resulting in more visibility on dark or slick surfaces. You can even get fraud-protection ink to help protect secure documents.
  2. Imprint options abound. Screen printing is the most common method for promotional pens, and pad-printing is another popular choice. Your logo can also be applied to a custom molded grip or laser-engraved onto the pen. Don’t overlook the clip—we can add a logo or insignia for added impact and to create a higher-perceived value.
  3. Style matters. Custom plastic pens are most popular because of their lower price point. The trend now is to add chrome accents or a colored grip section to give it a higher-end look. Promotional aluminum pens are a great way to step it up without busting the budget. Many custom aluminum pens are offered under $1, which hasn’t always been the case. Your customers can also benefit from custom pens with a tech twist. Think promotional pens with a built-in USB drive or touch-screen stylus.
  4. Packaging is the finishing touch. Not all custom pens call for a grand presentation, but if you’re giving them as gifts, remember that they can be packaged in anything from velour sleeves to upscale gift boxes featuring your logo.

Promo know-how tip: Don’t make your employees or customers search for a pen—have custom pens readily available in common spaces such as check-out counters or reception desks. And for the best new styles in promotional pens, follow our Pinterest page.


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