4 Out of 4 iPod Kids Agree…

If your target audience is children dressed up as iPods, get out a pen and paper, because you’ll want to take some notes. A recent survey conducted by the Cult of Mac Blog identified the favorite promotional product amongst this demographic.

The contenders:
“They got eight pairs of gloves, a ton of flashing necklaces, half-a-ton of stickers and pins, Postit pads, spring-loaded jumping frogs, badge holders, a gazillion pens, rubber wristbands, iPod covers, some cellphone cleaner thingies, etc., etc.”

The results:
Lyle (the youngest): “Candy.”

Olin: “Candy.”

Milo: “The wristbands, and candy.”

Nadine (the oldest): “The Yoyo, a mini Sharpie, a fish screensaver, a helicopter spinner and a squeezy stress ball. And candy.”

There you have it: promotional candy.

ipod kids

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