A Gift With Purchase Entices Your Customers To Buy

Freebies: Everybody loves them. That’s why a gift with purchase—some sort of branded product given for free after a sale—can help you close more sales and boost your bottom line.

A gift with purchase works in two main ways: It helps seal the deal if your customer is on the fence about buying something, and it influences your customer to buy more.

custom bag

A discount of, say, 25% is intangible, but a branded product your customers can see and feel is a powerful motivator. When they see some awesome swag they can score for free if they purchase something from you, it motivates them to action.

The key word, however, is “awesome.” The gift has to be something your customers actually want, or your promotion will fall flat.

Check out this gift with purchase we spotted at Planet Tan, a tanning salon. It’s doing a knockout job with its gift-with-purchase program. The gift, a custom duffel bag, is tagged with details about the promotion and features a clear message: “This bag is FREE with purchase.”

promotional bag

The duffel bags are positioned at various places in the salon: near the registers and on the shelves with all the tanning lotions for sale. Planet Tan nailed it by placing the gifts in strategic spots: Where the products are on display and where customers pay.

What a great giveaway, too. Planet Tan thought of everything when it selected custom duffel bags for its gift-with-purchase promotion. When customers buy a kit of lotions, they can tote the items out of the salon and back again in their new bag.

Want to give your customers that extra nudge to buy from you? Entice them with a gift with purchase.

Promo know-how tip: Offer a gift with purchase to your online shoppers as well. Once they put a certain dollar amount or a particular product in their shopping cart, they earn a free gift. Or, make the gift with purchase more exclusive: Only a select number of shoppers receive one.

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