At Massage Envy, Spin To Win Some Awesome Promotional Products

Massage Envy, a leader in the massage and spa services industry with more than 900 U.S. locations, puts a fun spin (literally) on its promotional products. It created a custom prize wheel with slots for all kinds of cool swag such as water bottles, lip balm, and hand sanitizer.

custom prize wheel

We spotted this prize wheel at the Bedford Hills, New York, location, and we’ve also seen it at community events. What a fantastic way to engage people. Massage Envy isn’t just handing out promo items – it’s giving people a chance to win.

That changes the whole feel of the giveaway. You’re not just getting something; you’re winning something. It’s exciting when you have the chance to win – whether it’s a brand-new car (said it in Bob Barker’s voice) or a really cool water bottle. Everybody likes free stuff. And any kind of freebie is enough to draw people over.

Plus, custom prize wheels are automatic attention getters. People naturally want to know what they can win. It’s like being on “Wheel of Fortune.” That’s why prize wheels are perfect for tradeshows, fairs, festivals – any place you want to draw foot traffic to your table or booth.

promo items

We like how Massage Envy also has its prize wheel displayed in its clinic. When you invest in a prize wheel, keep it visible – don’t tuck it away for special events. Invite customers to give it a spin. It’s a great way to enhance their overall experience, and it pumps up the fun of receiving promotional products.

Massage Envy doesn’t miss a chance to give away useful promo items – it makes sure new members receive a promotional pen and custom lip balm when they sign up. Anytime customers have paperwork to fill out, pens are a great choice. And for a brand focused on wellness, lip balm makes perfect sense.

The promo lesson here is that when you give out promotional products, make it exciting. Hype it. Make people want to come over and see what you have going on. Massage Envy is prodding in all the right places with its marketing. The prize wheel is awesomely fun, and its promotional products are right in line with its brand.

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