10 Must-Haves to Connect with the VSCO Buyer

These VSCO girl essentials will no doubt drive an added social boost for your brand.

If you’ve so much as scanned Instagram and YouTube recently, you’ve no doubt come face to face with these Croc-wearing, shell necklace-adorned, hydro flask-carrying teens and 20somethings. She can’t leave home without a scrunchie (or three) lining her wrist and her style is one part totally chill and one part totally manufactured—she’s the girl spending an hour to get her barely-there makeup and messy bun looking Insta-ready.

VSCO Promo Girl Starter Pack

What is a VSCO Girl?

If that’s still not ringing a bell, here’s the basic gist—a popular photo editing tool VSCO hit the scene hard recently. The app is packed with summer-inspired filters that emphasize natural light and have an that super free-spirited vibe—and Gen Z influencers were hooked.

While it may not sound all that significant, the trend has truly taken shape—and taken over. The app is valued at more than $550 million and, in 2018, more than 200 million photos had #vsco distinctions.

What does VSCO mean for my brand?

So, then, the big question: what does this all mean to you and your brand? That if this your core audience—or your audience engages this audience—you can harness the #vsco power with this VSCO promo girl starter pack. Brand them, get them out into the world and get ready for your #thanks from this influential audience.

1. Basecamp Tundra Custom Water Bottles

A true VSCO girl doesn’t leave the house without her favorite insulated water bottle in hand, which is likely decorated with loads of colorful stickers. This 20 oz water bottle will keep cold beverages chilled for 24 hours, and hot beverages for 12 hours, making it the perfect companion wherever she goes. Plus, a portion of proceeds from the bottles go to helping veterans – it’s a win/win.

2. Rainbow Knee High Custom Socks

VSCO girls are all about colorful scrunchies, stickers and graphic tees—snag a spot in their laid back but highly promoted wardrobe and you’ll gain tons of exposure for your brand.

Remember, for VSCO girls and their followers, if it’s not comfortable, it’s out. Given how soft these socks are, they’ll no doubt wind up in serious rotation. What’s more, these rainbow knee-high socks are the perfect companion for her comfy crocs or Birkenstocks—because, yes, she’s totally inclined to wear socks with her sandals…

3. Promotional Lip Gloss in Clear Logo Tube

VSCO girls are all about embracing their natural beauty rather than sporting heavy makeup. This light pink gloss is the perfect shade to add a little shine without attracting too much attention from the rest of the face. It also comes in a clear customizable tube that’s perfect to sport your company or school’s logo.

4. Iridescent Aluminum PopSockets Custom Cell Phone Stand and Grip

VSCO girls became a trending topic thank to their their their VSCO photo reels full of light- dripped pics. These iridescent Popsockets are on-trend and help the user fully-grip their phone while getting the perfect “selfie” from all angles. Even better, you can customize these pop sockets with your brand’s logo on the back.

5. Full Color Trendy Promotional Scrunchie Hair Tie

Scrunchies are a must-have for VSCOs, so this is one item that is bound to boost your visibility. Customize the design with your logo or graphic of choice, then layer in custom hang tags for even more exposure. These scrunchies are made with a stretchy, breathable polyester and spandex blend, so they’re easy on hair—or on her wrist, where she’ll likely layer these hot accessories.

6. Airpods Custom Silicone Pouch with Carabiner

Apple’s Airpods were the ultimate must-have this summer—and their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. That’s why we’re loving this custom pouch. Why VSCO girls can get enough? Not only can they listen to their music anytime, anywhere but, with a convenient carabiner attached it’s easy to pop this pouch onto their Fjallraven backpacks before they hop into their Jeeps and go. And each time they do, they’ll think about #yourbrand.

7. Parkland Rio Mini Promotional Backpack

Sustainability and style are two critical pieces of the VSCO girl equation—two pieces this mini backpack nails.

Not only is this customizable backpack made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, it’s the perfect size to tote all their daily necessities— sunglasses, iPhone, polaroid camera and a few extra scrunchies for good measure.

But don’t worry—while the bag carries a lot, its minimalistic design (perfect for your company logo and messaging) makes it feel totally on-brand for VSCOs who are all about less = more.Sustainability is where it’s at.

8. Port & Company Essential Window Tie-Dye Logo T-Shirt

Oversized t-shirts are a must for any VSCO out there. How else can she look effortlessly cool and casual? So why not steal a piece of the Insta-spotlight by branding her new favorite shift?

This 100% cotton shirt offers maximum comfort—another check for VSCOs. Opt to customize the colors and add your logo then watch their feeds fill up. #winning

9. Round Lennon Style Custom Sunglasses

Made of polycarbonate material and finished with 100% UVA and UVB protection, these glasses are a stylish, durable and practical accessory. Their unique round shape is sure to stand out in the crowd while still looking totally effortless. Add your branding and you’ll no doubt see these popping up in VSCO pics almost instantly.

10. Full Color Waterproof Vinyl Custom Stickers

There’s no such thing as a VSCO without a sticker-covered hydro flask in hand. Consider her hydro flask the modern mood board, filled with visuals of places she’s been, places she wants to go and brands she loves—including, now, yours.

Customize a sticker for your brand and encourage her to add it to the mix. These stickers are completely waterproof, so they’ll hold color and quality even in the harshest conditions. And, because your sticker can be up to 25 square inches, there’s ample space to get creative.

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