Free Stuff Rocks, and You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Get Creative

My better half prefers a toilet seat lid with retro decoupage, and when we ordered one, it came with this promo pack. True to the DIY ethos of the woman who creates the toilet seat lids, it’s clearly hand assembled, but that’s part of what makes it appropriate. The items, a spider-woman toy, a pink imprinted pen, and a cd of some of her favorite music from the era (I haven’t listened, but my guess is rockabilly) all reinforce the brand she is building. Even though the packaging is just a ziplock with a hand-cut sticker on the front, it still creates a better experience for the recipient. It’s suddenly not just a cd and a pen, but a whole bag of free stuff. And, as noted, “Free Stuff Rocks!” Basically, this is everything that makes a great promo, done well on a budget. Can even the smallest companies build brands that resonate with consumers? Of course. If you want to buy a custom toilet seat, head for Bucktooth Mama.

free-stuff rocks

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