Google Gifts 2007: Imprinted Digital Photo Frame

Google always seems to do a good job rewarding their top advertisers with holiday gifts and this year is no exception. in fact, it may be the best ever. Google doesn’t mess around when it comes to colorful promos, or enticing giveaways, and they also do nice holiday gifts for their advertisers. In 2004, they gave away color-changing mood radios and in 2005 it was a nice usb travel kit. Common themes for Google goodies include use of their trademark multi-color palette and products that lean towards being techie, while still also fun.

For their gifts in particular, some additional touches typically include: nice packaging and multilingual messaging. If you want to be like Google, you can send out your very own digital photo frame gifts but you’d better hurry up if you want to do it for this holiday season!

google-gift 2007

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