Guinness Coaster: Good Things Come from Clever Optics

Here’s a great use of a simple promotional product and a simple optical trick from Guiness. Instead of going with the typical promo beer mug, It’s a custom drink coaster that reveals a message – “Good things come to those who wait.” – reflected in the drinker’s glass. When trying to reach a large audience, as B-to-C companies must, a low cost per impression is a budgetary necessity. Luckily, in a case like this, an inexpensive product can have a big impact. Even something as simple as a disposable coaster can become an interactive promo, or tie in to a larger campaign. Promos like this prove that when it comes to creating a successful promotion creativity can trump budget limitations, and clever imprinting can turn an everyday item into something more than meets the eye. (via the terrific Marketing Alternatif, which is probably even better if you know French)

guiness coaster

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