How Promotional Is My House?

We were cleaning our apartment this week and I found these fabulous promotional rubber gloves that my girlfriend got at a cable TV event. They were given out to promote the Lifetime show “How Clean Is Your House?” They’re not your everyday promotional item, but they are a good example of what you can do if you have the time and the creativity to custom manufacture your promos. Also, that is a cutting board with a logo burned into it in the background.

rubber-glove promos

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  1. madam j

    btw the gloves were given out not at a cable TV event, but at fall fashion week last year (which happens in spring) in front of the 7th on 6th tents where all the runway shows are, by women dressed like the women in the TV show, so it functioned as much more of an effective publicity stunt. All the high-powered editors, models, celebs etc got them, as well as the average janes like me. A good promo product giveaway is excellent—but getting it into the hands of the right tastemakers at the right moment is priceless.Plus it was also just funny to see all these fashionistas milling about the shows clutching these hot pink and black rubber gloves. Any rubber fetishists there must have been having a field day. They came with a Lifetime-branded clothespin holding them together (this matched the outdoor print campaign for the show, which featured the women wearing clothespins over their noses, presumably b/c someone’s house was actually not that clean. You probably saw this in the subways and stuff)