Knitty City Has Promo Products That Travel

A fundamental purpose of promo products is to get your logo seen – everywhere. One way to do this is to give your customers promotional items that are useful and relevant to their needs.

promotional tote bag

Knitty City, the Upper West Side yarn studio that offers classes, and knitting and crochet materials, is doing it exactly right with its promo items. It gives customers promotional tote bags, one of the most popular, most functional giveaways.

Everybody can use a great bag, and as a result, they get carried by customers. In fact, we spotted this bag all the way in Bedford, New York – almost 50 miles away from the shop itself. Because of the tote bags, Knitty City gets great brand exposure all over NYC and the surrounding areas.

Knitty City is smart to use promotional bags in its marketing – and not just because of the exposure. The bags serve a real purpose in the store. Shoppers are buying beautiful yarns, needle art books, interesting magazines and patterns, and the promo bags are a functional way to get their goods home.

Definitely not single-use bags, these reusable tote bags reflect the style and flair of the shop itself. They go where customers go, getting the Knitty City name seen all over New York.

Think like Knitty City to get your brand some major mileage. Promo products that travel are ones that are inherently useful to your customers.

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