Microsoft Goes for Wow! with Windows Vista Promos

With the release of their first new operating system in years, Microsoft is promoting Windows Vista in a variety of media, emphasizing the “wow!” factor of their Aero user-interface. In many ways, I think it is a difficult new product launch to brand. Windows dominates both the home and office markets for operating system and productivity applications, so how do they convey both fun and practicality? In this case, they use a practical, black promotional messenger bag, with very subtle usage of their “Wow!” messaging (near the bottom of the bag, so small it isn’t even readable in this photo). I can see the practicality, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling the “Wow!” This may be an example of a situation in which the message could have been conveyed more successfully with better product selection and imprinting. But, hey, don’t shoot the messenger (bag).

windows-vista bag

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