Nerds Promotional Giveaway

Jaclyn Garfinkel recently posted about finding promotional nerds in a lower east side bar (see pictures below). I feel like I’m quoting too much, but her description of the end user experience is great:

“I get to the venue and the first thing I notice is that there’s two boxes of Nerds (the old-school, really good candy) on one of the tables. Now this isn’t exactly a normal occurrence. When was the last time you were at a show or at a bar and you saw boxes of Nerds lying around? I pointed it out to my friends and we decided that whoever was sitting at that table must be fun, so we sat down at the table adjacent to it. That’s when I realized that these weren’t just any boxes of Nerds. The back of the boxes were ads for Beauty and the Geek! What better cross promotion than tying in the geeks with the nerds?”

She goes on to tie this in with the fact that new technologies like DVR are forcing advertisers to be more creative, and that promotional products (if they’re done well) “get their message across, they’re cute, and they get people’s heads to turn.” A lot of these same points are things that I’ve written about, too. Anyhow, I recommend reading her whole post, where she also discusses the Dirty Jobs promotion I also saw at Grand Central. And perhaps you’d also be interested in some promotional candy. Speaking of which, American Express actually sent me this promotional jelly belly assortment about six months ago, which was about the yummiest direct mail I’ve received in years.


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