Onion Swagology: Fraggle Snack

fraggle-rock-dirt dessert

The Onion for dessert:

Item: Fraggle Rock Earth Day “dirt dessert” kit

Promoting: Season two of Fraggle Rock on DVD

Relevance to product promoted: Elliptical at best: Fraggles live in underground burrows, Earth Day is about the Earth, burrows and the Earth both involve dirt. It kinda all sorta fits together. Oh, whatever; there’s sugar involved.

Item quality: 3. The kit consists of a little metal bucket with a poorly taped-on Fraggle Rock label, a box of chocolate pudding, a bag of Gummi worms, and a couple of little plastic Fraggle Rock characters. There’s also an “Earth Day tip” recipe for “Fraggle Rockin’ Dirt Dessert,” a brown, lumpy, earth-like confection made by mixing pudding, crushed Oreos, and frozen Gummi worms in a pail. Kinda gross, but potentially tasty. Will it help save the environment, or make people feel kindly toward singing, dancing Muppets? Probably not, but it isn’t likely to hurt either one either.

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